Since they met in elementary school, Emiel van Herpen and Robin Veldman are making loud music together. Waking up the neighbourhood in their hometown Zoetermeer while composing gabber, drum&bass and hiphop-tunes. After many performances for their classmates (leaving teachers in a state of shock), they decided to call their act Shockmount. Their talent was recognised in the scene faster than Mark Cavendish sprints along the Champs-Élysées. Producing music for infamous Dutch hiphop-acts like Opposites, Djiggy Djé, NulZevenNegen and mainly shockrapper Steen.

While Robin (also known as Ier) collaborated with the Dutch pop-jazz sensation Caro Emerald and started his own group called PlaygroundZer0, Emiel wasn’t Sitting, Waiting, Whising like Jack Johnson does. The artist formaly known as DBs, who is a big Dr. Dre-fan, thought about the next episode. In his studio he baked drum&bass-beats fatter and more delicious than Nigella makes cakes. Producing tracks and remixing for the likes of Steen, Pat Smith and PlaygroundZer0, amongst many others. His typical drum&bass sound combines influencers Burt Bacharach with Ed Rush & Optical and Toto with Cause4Concern: raw, funky and full of suprises.

Now Emiel takes his place behind the wheels of steel, for the Shockmount dj-sets. Booking Shockmount guarantees a night of party. Expect danceable drum&bass, but don’t be astonished if some hardcore and hiphop is involved.

Shockmounts single Rise and Fall appears on Kraken on the 9th of september